Ang Sun Su Kyi: Overrated Hypocrite?

By our Correspondent not in Burma, Free Lover

This is an article from the Telegraph: Editorially, it is no friend of Muslims, but it has also taken Nobel Peace Prize winner Ang Sun Su Kyi to task for her crapness:

From the BBC, only marginally less British than Paul Williams:

Ms Suu Kyi’s speech also comes a month after deadly clashes in parts of Burma’s western Rakhine state between majority Buddhists and minority Muslims, sparked by the rape and murder of a young Buddhist woman.

Aung San Suu Kyi made no specific mention of the Muslim Rohingya people in her speech, and has to date remained relatively quiet on the issue.

Asked in June whether Rohingya should be regarded as Burmese citizens, she said: “I do not know”, saying Burma should clarify its citizenship laws.

In a report last week, human rights group Amnesty International said Muslims in western Rakhine state had been subjected to attacks and arbitrary arrests in the weeks since the violence – claims the government described as “groundless and biased”.

The Burmese government says they are relatively recent migrants from the Indian sub-continent. Neighbouring Bangladesh already hosts several hundred thousand refugees from Burma and says it cannot take any more. 

(‘Relatively’ recent means several centuries BTW )

As far as I know, and I would like to be corrected, she has never once spoken out for the Muslims of Burma, who have long had a hard time, despite their support for her:

”In the past, Suu Kyi and her National League for Democracy has carefully steered clear of discussing Burma’s Muslim minority, especially the Rohingya, which is seen a hot-button political issue that risks alienating many of its supporters.”

I have also long considered that the support she enjoys in the West is more to do with how she looks/looked and her former marriage to a British academic than any manifest superiority over other campaigners for peace.

Further, her reticence on this issue may be taken as an example of the fundamental problem of politics: ‘The Limitation of Sympathies’ – Charity begins at home. And it tends to stay there.

I also think her popularity is doing a disservice to women in politics in the Third World: ‘Yes you can succeed!’ (*as long as you look exotic and are married to a European).

Nothing wrong with being married to foreigners: But does anyone know of any prominent female politician campaigners in the West, lined up for senior office, married to someone from a ‘hostile’ foreign country?

Don’t think so.

UPDATED 25/10-13:

Finally, Su Kyi is shamed by The Telegraph:


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