4 thoughts on “Politics & Activism

  1. Hey this is hbazzari/Sutter Cane would you mind deleting all of my comments on your blog, first off I would like to thank you so much for having the patience answering all of questions over the years, your website Asharis assemble has provided me with authentic Islamic questions and helped me even in the most troubling of times when I’ve had my iman shaken by literalist inconsistencies and atheist/missionary accusations on our religion. It means a lot to me that you took the time of day to answer most of my questions and even had the patience to deal with my long winded diatribes on personal religious issues I had been dealing with at the time. Your website has been a relief for me in a sea of Salafi publications. Your book recommendations are amazing to say the least (Le Gai Eaton and Jeffery Lang especially) and watching you debate atheists and ex Muslims is truly an art in it of it self.

    But I do have a request and I apologize in advance if this is asking too much, and I know I have asked this before (and changed my mind), but a certain event has caused me to regret posting all those comments under my real last name Bazzari. A man i knew from a distance has been kicked out of the country (Saudi) for criticizing the government. I do not wish to endanger my family by putting them through that hell and having the government destroy our lively hood over a comment. If you don’t mind could you please remove all of my comments (especially the ones that mention foreign policy and criticisms of Salafism and Saudi. The ones that talk about creed and the Quran are pretty bad and i apologize for them i’m just a young man whose passions over took him. (although I would like you to delete my comments discussing anime; a rather long winded speech that went off into a thousand and one tangents). IT would be nice if you deleted the comments under Sutter Cane as well. Normally I would not ask this of you but my family does depend on me and I do not want to put them through what I have witnessed so many others go through. I would not have requested you to do this if my family and I would not suffer the consequences of my actions, things are starting to fall apart in the middle east with all the wars and Saudi being very reactionary, there is a very real danger a Salafi fanatic could try to end me based on my comments which does not help me one bit.

    Again, im sorry if this takes away an afternoon from you, Jazakallah for your efforts and may Allah reward you in this life and the next.

    • Could you also delete this comment as well as Sutter Cane’s comment in the Quran tab/section? And of course this comment as well please.

      Jazakallah for all of your help and patience! I continue to be an avid reader on this site, Thank you so much for your contributions, and may god reward you in this life and the next.

      • Just the comments in this section, and the Sutter Cane comment in the Quran section (you can keep the comments about history in the quran) as these comments mention my real name and are personal in nature.

        Jazakallah for your time and efforts and may allah reward you in this life and the next, you have gone beyond the call of duty.

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