Science In The Quran – The Truth

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The truth indeed…but will Hamza Tzortzis and his mafia at iERA like it? Or will they continue to take it upon themselves to unilaterally and heterodoxly ‘interpret’ the Quran?

It has become increasingly popular for Dawah organisations – in particular those of the Wahhabi/Saudi/Salafi (take your pick) orientation to employ arguments that claim to find ‘scientific miracles’ in the Quran.

No doubt Muslims believe the Quran is a miraculous book, but are these claims made with the correct degree of caution and Academic Islamic rigour?

Or are organisations such as ‘iERA’ playing with fire.

We conducted an extended interview with Islamic scholar and theoretical physicist Hafiz Mahmut ‘Chuck’ Connors who took time out to clear up some misconceptions: having already debunked the improper claims of scientifically non-literate individuals such as ‘The Rationalizer’, he now delves into the shadowy world of ‘Dawah organisations’ and Muslim apologists such as Hamza Tzortzis…

He also has a heartfelt message for Muslim students which I think will take many by surprise.

I wish I had advice from someone like this when I was young!

See Connors’ article here:


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