Do Muslims Promote Homosexuality?

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In response to the trial of Muslims in Do Muslims the U.K over the distribution of ‘Anti-gay’ leaflets.

Muslims seem to have borrowed from the Straussian/Neo – Conservative handbook of inventing an enemy to unite the people, but focusing on gay people is manifest dumbness in the first place. The recent controversy surrounding some Muslims’ attempts to leaflet against homosexuals in a threatening manner brings a certain level of stupidity and hypocrisy to light.

Further, the religious establishment in the U.K is one of the leading causes of homosexuality in the practising Muslim community in my experience.

Allow me to explain: as far as pious Muslims who are tempted by homosexuality are concerned, they know it is morally wrong, but there is such a thing as situational homosexuality, described by Muslim and non – Muslim writers alike, particularly in reference to single sex boarding situations such as prisons and schools or situations where people have extreme segregation from the opposite sex, especially during puberty and/or when finding a partner.

Now having gone to a boys school myself, I don’t ‘get it’, but I have to admit that the anecdotal and academic accounts on situational homosexuality are numerous and merit serious consideration.

I don’t know about overseas, but the religious establishment in the U.K (mainly split between Deobandi and Salafist elements, with a disturbingly large overlap) are much like these idiots who leafleted about homosexuality: forget Tawheed, forget Sunnah, their main concern is:

1) Promotion and enforcement of extreme sexual segregation. And I mean extreme, like there is no ‘upper limit’. For example, almost all U.K scholars promote the face veil as Wajib or Fard. Dissenters from traditional and highly orthodox positions, like Abu Hanifa (RA) himself, are subject to ‘public hanging’. This in spite of the Deobandis self -affirmed ‘Hanafism’.

2) Promotion of seminary style boarding schools for young men and women (an innovation based on Christian ‘seminaries’ as far as I can tell) for young men and ALL girls (who they don’t want to send to university due to their sexual paranoia regarding women). Especially popular with the Gujarati and Deobandi community in the U.K. Strangely, girls seem to benefit disproportionately from this largesse. For example, the Deobandi powerhouse ‘Azhar Academy’ in East London recently demanded from the good conscience of it’s congregation no less than one million pounds for the purchase of an extension to it’s girls secondary school. The boys secondary school does not exist. The same circumstacne is repeated in Deobandi academies and mosques nationwide.

3) Making marriage hideously difficult or nigh-on impossible by the above and other bizzare practices too numerous to mention. So much so that the ‘Muslim marriage problem’ has now been noticed by the non-Muslims and they have even used this as fodder for documentaries (one was just aired by the BBC).

Now if there is such a thing as ‘Situational Homosexuality’, this would be expected to arise in some susceptible individuals under the above circumstances, which are not created by Western Liberalism, but by the Muslim ‘orthodoxy’ themselves.

I would dare to say that the only thing that protects the Muslim community in the U.K is the clarity of Allah’s guidance and help in this situation and His disapproval of the act. I think the Muslims own actions (at least in the U.K) actually predispose them to homosexual thought and action.

So rather than sort out their own community, why not just blame the gays! Same logic as the far – right.


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