Black Caliph/Black Prophet

Everyone knows that American Liberals have become even more haughty and full of themselves since Barak Obama was elected. In politically incorrect terms, because he is black, this shows how inclusive and wonderful his society is. Even for conservatives who don’t like him, he shows that anyone, even the son of a Kenyan immigrant raised partly in Indonesia, can achieve the ‘American Dream’.

Also, after his election, Afghans and Iraqis rejoiced because they felt a lot better being bombed and killed on the orders of a black guy than a white guy. It made all the difference.

I actually felt it showed how RACIST American society is, since he should just as accurately be described as ‘white’ due to his mother but most people think of him as black in some kind of weird ‘One Drop Rule’ way. Surely if having one black parent can make you ‘black’ then having one white parent can make you ‘white’. But to be honest, most Liberals would say he is mixed race so this is a moot point.

What is not a moot point is that if the leader of the ‘free world'(!) is a black man as of 2008, then Mooooslems got there first:

Read ’em and weep:

”The following story also, handed down to us from the golden period of the ‘Abbasid dynasty, is interesting as evidence of Muhammadan feeling with regard to the Negro. Ibrahim, a brother of Harun-r Rashid and the son of a negress, had proclaimed himself Caliph at Baghdad, but was defeated and forgiven by Al Ma’mun, who was then reigning (819 A.D.). He thus describes his interview with the Caliph:

“Al Ma’mun said to me on my going to see him after having obtained pardon: ‘Is it thou who art the Negro Khalifah ?’, to which I replied: ‘Commander of the faithful! I am he whom thou hast deigned to pardon; and it has been said by the slave of Banu-l Hashas: ‘When men extol their worth, the slave of the family of Hashas can supply, by his verses, the defect of birth and fortune.’ Though I be a slave, my soul, through it’s noble nature, is free; though my body be dark, my mind is fair.’ To this Al Ma’mun replied : “Uncle! A jest of mine has put you in a serious mood.” He then spoke these verses: “Blackness of skin cannot degrade an ingenious mind, or lessen the worth of the scholar and the wit. Let darkness claim the colour of your body: I claim as mine your fair and candid soul.” (Ibn Khaldun and Thomas Arnold)

That’s ‘CHANGE YOU CAN BELIEVE IN’ circa 800 A.C. (*although he did not last long as leader)

For added humiliation, Arnold also adds (though perhaps not everyone would agree with this interpretation):

According to Muhammadan tradition Moses was a black man, as may be seen from the following passages in the Qur’an:

“Now draw thy hand close to thy side: it shall come forth white, but unhurt: another sign!” (20: 23).

“Then drew he forth his hand, and lo! it was white to the beholders. The nobles of Pharaoh’s people said: ‘Verily this is an expert enchanter.’ ” (vii. 105, 6). 


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