Classical Islamic exegesis, apologetics and dawah materials to help deal with the commonly re-stated accusations against Islam as well as Quranic and Hadith sciences for those wanting a deeper understanding.

Dawah, didactics and discussion.

Oh, and a note for the naive: just because the site is named ‘Asharis’ does not mean that all of the people on here are in fact from that branch of Islamic theology – many are Maturidis as well, the other of the two legitimate schools – the name is just to revive the terminology and support them against those who slander them (and because it is a cool name).


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  1. Salam, one suggestion: please could you make the posts on the main page and section pages shorter and then add a ‘read more’ button to each article. The articles on this blog are so long (and I love that), but it makes it cumbersome to navigate the blog on a mobile device. I’m sure others have similar woes(lol).

    Thanks, barakallahu feek.

    • Thanks a lot. It’s a good point actually. I had a lot of trouble trying other templates though…I should look again. Any that you think are good?

  2. Hello i need help about some issue related to the creed, may i have a mail who is expert in kalam field?

  3. What are your guys thoughts on the deobandi’s and barelwi’s?? Are maturidees? Or ashari’s??
    Unfortunately through culture and community you experience and come across a lot of things…
    It would be good to find some clarity!!!!

  4. Hi – wasn’t there an article on “What really radicalizes Muslims” on here? Did it get deleted or am I imagining things? (Or I am thinking of the wrong title.) I remember it talked about Salafist/Deobandi influence on uni campuses and sexually frustrated Muslims joining extremist groups.

  5. Ah yes that’s exactly it! What I get for spelling it “radicalize” with a “z” in my search the ‘Murican way. Thanks

  6. Ever looked at the Zhahiris, particularly as represented by the writings of the Andalusian polymath Ibn Hazm? You might find it surprisingly interesting (and not what you might be expecting from supposed “literalists”).

  7. You need a search button, I couldn’t see one. Also who is the author behind this, you raise some interesting questions but no one to address them to

    • No one’s ever donated before so we don’t have a system.

      If you don’t have a lot to spare don’t stress – or give it to orphans etc.

      If you insist you can email us!

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