Do Women Need The Husband’s Permission Before Leaving The House In Islam?


Islamic scholar Sheikh Atabek Nasafi responds to a worryingly common enquiry…

Q. Does a lady need permission from the husband to leave her house?


Before answering I want to point out a few issues;
1. We Muslims have our ‘special’ way of treating our wives
2. Marriage is not a buying and selling transaction in which man buys a ‘she-slave’.
3. Prophet PBUH came to free the people from physical, mental and intellectual slavery
4. We have something called ‘culture’ which should be followed in order to have a good relationship

So, the answer is;

If a lady is leaving the house with the intention of escaping from the duties of the marriage, then that is one of the reasons for destruction of the family. So it is prohibited if that is the reason.

But if she is leaving the house for shopping, working, visiting her relatives or friends etc. there is nothing wrong with it. And she doesn’t (initially) need permission from her husband.

God said;

‘And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable’ 

Quran 2;228

According to this verse, the rights of husband and wife are equal. This means anyone who says that a husband has the right to jail his wife in the house, he has to say that the wife also has the right to jail her husband in the house too, if he is consistent.

Anyone that wants to disagree with this verse, needs to quote ‘Mutawatir’ (mass narrated) hadeeth as it is not allowed to oppose the Quran by lesser evidence.

Because of this type of incorrect fatawa (that women cannot leave the house without permission), we have made our Muslim ladies disabled, ignorant and unwise. Thus, sadly we never had a big number of female scholars. Just by narrating few hadeeths they don’t become great Muhadditha (female scholar of hadith) as some so-called apologists claim. Can anyone mention the name of book of a Muhadditha scholar that would equal Muwatta of Malik or Saheeh Muslim? I am afraid not.

I think these type of fatawa which enslave the ladies are produced to keep the ladies socially impotent.
And the reason for that in turn is they wanted to keep whole Muslim nation ignorant – because the first education of anyone is taken from their mothers – the first 5-10 years of knowledge and tarbia is the thing that sets up the foundation for the whole personality of the person.

So if you want to destroy the whole nation, then make sure that the females of that nation are held back.

Also the prohibition of women driving cars is coming from the same exact sources…

Well, what can I say: when people insult the use of the intellect and the brain by offensive, insulting names, these types of fatawa from such people are not strange are they?

Sheikh Atabek Shukrov Nasafi is a noted scholar and specialist in Islamic aqeeda and theological sciences. Undertaking his religious studies at first in secret in Uzbekistan while it was part of the USSR, he has gone on to have an eclectic and comprehensive Islamic education all over the Muslim world.

Already a scholar when he arrived in the Middle East, he studied in Damascus under such luminaries as Mohammad Adnan Darwish, graduating finally from Al Azhar but only after having studied both in Medina and the wider region, for example under Sh. Uthaymeen (and numerous others).

He is currently based in the Northwest of England where he is the founder of the Avicenna Academy.


2 thoughts on “Do Women Need The Husband’s Permission Before Leaving The House In Islam?

  1. Short and simple.

    How many women who study half way across the country are not going to leave their houses when they desire ?
    I can understand how this May effect women in the East, but other than men’s ego, should it be a issue in the West ?

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