A Response to Fazal Rahman and His ‘Dawah’ Video


I haven’t really been following the fortunes of the ‘Street Dawah’ and ‘Dawah Is Easy’ movement lately but I am receiving a lot of complaints and messages about it. Here is one from an anonymous London based Muslim intellectual and activist who seems to be particularity put off by the latest addition to ‘Dawah Is Easy’s’ ouvre…

So a young student gets caught in Fazal’s dawah net – who is then exploited for a ‘DawahIsEasy’ video.

This is a an extremely embarrassing video and not just for the naive Christian – but for Muslims. It is nothing but a cheap stunt. The Muslim presenter and interviewer Fazal Rahman introduces his interviewee as a “Christian Scholar” and “Theologian”.

The victim Daniel says he is just a “student of religious studies and theology” – perhaps doing an A level or a course at his church, or maybe just self-taught – we never find out.Fazal morphs him into a “theologian” which is by definition in the UK is a scholar and an academic. He repeatedly flatters Daniel describing him an “expert” and “well knowledgeable” (on what evidence?).

But we must ask why is he being heaped with all these high titles and praise? Does Daniel have a PhD? Is he a RE teacher? We are never told. Nor does Fazal ever bother to ask. He appears to be a random youth Fazal has just met in the street. Daniel clearly likes the lavish praise (and who wouldn’t?) and he lets Fazal flatter him repeatedly.

But this is just a dawah tactic. The more he builds up the victim the greater the kudos for Fazal who can then make a “shocking” video and gloat over his inevitable “victory” over a ‘theologian’.

Fazal is a very clever man. He knows exactly how to reel his fish in. He has had years of practise. Daniel, who calls himself an “evangelist” has no idea what he is letting himself in for. Clearly from Daniel’s answers he is far from being a ‘scholar’, ‘theologian’ or ‘expert’ as Fazal disingenuously and repeatedly claims.

At the end of the video, having thoroughly humiliated his victim, Daniel goes into ‘Holy Spirit’ mode which is almost certainly a fake experience just for the camera. This is a pathetic attempt to avoid further questioning and play the holier-than-thou card. But Fazal has what he has sought all along: he has captured on film his refutation of yet another uneducated Christian and has yet another ‘DawahIsEasy’ hit. Mission accomplished.

“It looks like the Muslims have won – again!” he crows, “you are a theologian, a preacher and you are running away!” He boasts: “the Muslims have won! “

Calling this Dawah is an embarrassment to Islam and merely reduces the call to the truth to used car salesmanship.



17 thoughts on “A Response to Fazal Rahman and His ‘Dawah’ Video

  1. Selling religion like pigs in a market. Is it blasphemous to say I always hated any group of any sort sticking their noses in your face ?

    So when Christian missionaries convert poor Muslim children in war torn places, the debt is repaid.

    • Even though Iran and the shiites are big enemies of islam but the biggest of all are and will always be the apostate kafir sunnis like many sufis, modernists, barelvis and all kind of variations from them. The shiites in Iraq and also in Syria only do that what is best for them. We cannot expect from them to act different. We cannot bother a shiite because he supports Assad because a great part from the opposition of Assad aims to kill every shiite. The same in Iraq. If ISIS reaches to the south or to Samarra by the will of Allah they will destroy all shrines. It is understandeable that Iran will try to prevent this.

      We should remember that the first fitna amongst the muslims was that with the apostates under the Riddah Wars. The biggest enemies are the aposates who refuse the rule of islam and that is exactly what sufis, barelvis and modernists preach. Imam Muhammad Zahid Al Kawthari said that the secularists of his time could be compared to the apostates at the time of Abu Bakr.

      • Hate to be restating the obvious but the biggest enemies are not ‘secularists’ but people like you, who glorify mindless violence and destruction carried out by groups like ISIS. I’m no fan of Assad but the groups fighting against are no better than thugs. You have no history, no culture and no sense of civilization and nothing good can ever come from you. Projecting your own failures onto others is the only thing that gives you any relief so by all means carry on with your takfeering, killing and sectarianism

  2. This “Dawah” is not meant as a heartfelt call for non-Muslims to become muslim. Instead, it is a form of ‘halal’ entertainment to amuse the lay Muslim. This is why Zakir Naik fills stadiums and why this kind of YouTube videos gets so many views. Most viewers are probably Muslims who want to see their tribe ridicule the other tribes, whether they are Christian or atheist. They have a diffuse anxiety about their faith and their place in the world and this dawah diffuses that anxiety. They don’t get any knowledge from it, but this is far from being the worst aspect in this affair, they learn that intellectual dishonesty is an appropriate method and that you can turn shallowness and disrespect into a theological discourse. I hate this.

  3. who are you guys to judge other people…no one knows what is in fazal’s heart whether hes doing it genuinely or not except Allah..and at least he cntributes to islam…

  4. I came to leave a comment because i personally saw this man, Fazal Rahman, childishly knock the phone out of the hand of a man who was filming him doing his thing last weekend on the Kilburn High rd. He was totally unapologetic about knocking the man’s phone to the ground, stating that the man had no right to be filming him, which is not even true. When the man with the phone lost his temper, Rahman then turned his camcorder on him (without the man’s permission) further exacerbating the situation. It was a sorry display. I think he is a fraud, and yes, i agree with the original post that if i were a muslim, i would be embarrassed at this man’s behaviour. I doubt “Dr” Rahman will have the courage to publicy post the video that shows him on film doing what i saw him do last weekend but I hope he at least watches the whole thing himself. He might just learn something.

  5. You are just jealous for his achievements. You only knew how to bark your fellow Muslims. What have you contributed in propagating the true teaching of Islam?

    • And, like a good salafi, you know only how to call people ‘dog’ in a roundabout way (seriously, why are you guys so obsessed with dogs?).

      Do tell of of his ‘achievements’? Apart from hanging around shopping centres with blokes?

      As for my ‘propagating the true teachings of Islam’, by which you mean Salafism, I am proud to avoid doing that!

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