Hadith Only Muslims


We caught up with Hafiz Mahmut ‘Chuck’ Connors while he was taking a break from his Phd and working on his book on Usool of Hadith and peppered him with a few questions – the discussion went in a very interesting direction and was most illuminating.

He spoke about the correct methodology regarding approach to Hadith, Fiqh and the errors of modernist groups within Islam, especially the Wahhabi/Salafi movement and how some people are intent on destroying Islam by claiming that hadith can be followed ‘directly’ as long as they are sahih. It makes a wonderful companion piece to this article:https://asharisassemble.com/2014/05/27/have-you-been-blackmailed-by-bukhari-yet/

Hafiz Mahmut ‘Chuck’ Connors:

Sent to a traditional Islamic Madrasah at the age of ten, he memorised the whole Quran, studied classical Arabic, Tafseer, Shatibiyyah (different types of recitation), Fiqh, Hadith, Mantiq (logic) and Kalaam for the next decade.

In a complete change of tac, he then gained BSc’s in both Molecular Biology and Mathematics with Astrophysics as well as an MSc in Theoretical Physics from Kings College London.

He is currently completing his PhD in Cosmology.

He is also an Imam, leading Taraweehs, teaching Qur’an, classical Arabic, Fiqh, Tafseer in various London Islamic centres and mosques as well as advisor and writer for ‘asharisassemble’.


6 thoughts on “Hadith Only Muslims

    • He is not teaching in mosques anymore and is currently doing his Phd full-time as well as writing articles and doing talks. If you want to book him, I can let him know though!

  1. Nothing is worse than the ”hadith-only muslims”, not even Quranists come close. here are the people who will use daleel from everything, usually their favorite scholars first then hadiths, but Quran’s logic usually is taken last.

    but even for this puritans are known to hide authentic hadiths that do not suit their sectarian agenda, e.g. the one implying Allah is beginningless and not confined by direction, Rasulullah’s lenience toward music, validity of tawassul, etc. There’s even story of Imam Ahmad asking /invoking help from angels on the trees when he’s lost his way (it’s not like he’s making dua to them or worship them) and based it from a hadith, but hey you won’t hear that from salafis. Their ”sharia” is at best picking, choosing, and mixing– and that’s what exactly ISIS do.

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