Wahhabis & Salafis Take Note: Islam Is Easy


(Taken From Sheikh Atabek Shukurov’s Facebook page)

A famous hadeeth that has a second part that people usually ‘forget’ to mention:
On day of Eid a group of Abyssinians were dancing with a spears in the Mosque of the Prophet PBUH. Prophet PBUH asked his wife Sayida Aisha;
”Do you want to watch them?”
She said ” Yes”
Then she put her chin on the shoulder of the Prophet PBUH and started watching. Time to time Prophet PBUH asked her;
”Are you done?”
She said;
After some time Prophet PBUH asked her ;
”Are you done?”
She said;
”Yes, O Prophet!”
Then she went back home and Prophet PBUH went to take care of some thing that he was thinking of…

That much of Hadeeth is very well known…Now, the hidden part!!!

While they were watching the dance suddenly Omar RA came and stopped them.
Prophet PBUH said;
”O Omar leave them alone, its just Abyssinian dance!”
Sayida Aisha said; 
”That day Prophet PBUH said;
Let the Jews and Christians know that our religion is easy! 
I brought [to the mankind] a straight and easy religion!”
Narrated by Ahmad and Abu Hatim by several chains.
As we all know, there are many people who claim to be ‘scholars’ who try to convince us that Islam is hard, difficult etc.
‘Don’t do this and don’t do that because that’s Haram and this is Kufr!’
I think we should ask those people to prove what they are claiming… 
This of course is pretty obvious…But of course, the puritans and those who want to make Islam difficult won’t let it rest there, they claim that the Abyssinians were practising warfare, not dancing!
Response (if it were needed):
Check the text of the Hadeeth: 1. Sayida Aisha said they were playing with the spears. 2. If they were practising warfare then why Omar would stop them? 3. Why it would be on Eid day? 4. Do we have the Abyssinians training to take a share in Badr, Uhud, Khandaq or any other battle? 5. Is the Mosque a military training place? 6. Is practising warfare something that The Prophet (SAW) would call ”Easy religion”?  7. Are military activities some thing that Jews and Christians don’t have? 8. In the text of the hadeeth the narrator says that the Abyssinians were doing ”Dirakalah”, Ibn Athir said that it is a type of games that kids used to play. 9. Finally The Prophet PBUH said; ”Ok, O Sons of Arfidah, play then!”.

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