Can God Lie? Can He Make A Rock So Heavy He Can’t Lift It?


Following on from his excellent ‘Introduction To Islamic Belief’ lecture, Avicenna Academy’s Ustad Sulaiman addresses the question that has plagued many (especially the Deobandi sect) – Can Allah Lie? He also addresses the question ‘Can God make a rock so heavy even he could not lift it?’ as well as ‘Can God do everything?’

Avicenna Academy is an organisation founded under the guidance of Shaykh Atabek to spread the teachings of Islam through initiatives located in the North of England. Insha’Allah with the medium of the internet Avicenna Academy has a Global reach.

The vision and goals of the Academy’s members is to seek the pleasure of Allah. We hope to do this by providing Islamic educational initiatives in in the North of England. This will be achieved by addressing two areas of educational need for the Muslim community:-

– Providing members of the Academy and community with opportunities to pursue a comprehensive and structured curriculum for Islamic learning.

– Provide a platform for educational talks and seminars to address specific areas of learning for the wider community.


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