‘Transcendent is Allah’ by Haji Noor Deen, Master Calligrapher

A brilliant set of five lectures by Sheikh Atabek Nasafi clarifying points on this oft mis-understood issue. I was reluctant to get involved in this kind of stuff  but it is important to have clarity, especially if we are to call people to Islam, as is our duty. It is also an issue that has repeatedly (and unnecessarily) brought to the fore by the Salafi/Wahhabi brothers who unfortunately tend to make a big issue out of this and tend to get themselves and others confused in the process.

Part 1; Introduction to The Waseeya of  Imam Abu Hanifa (RA)

Part 2: The Waseeya of Abu Hanifa (RA) 

Part 3: The Isnad of the Waseeya of Abu Hanifa (RA)

Part 4: The Prophet (PBUH) On The Right Hand Of God?

Part 5: Where Is Allah?

There are a further two parts but they are extremely detailed (and ‘controversial’) and therefore perhaps only for somewhat advanced students. They are nonetheless hugely enjoyable and informative and I will post them if people want. (Update: I have added these as well)

Sheikh Atabek Shukrov Nasafi is a noted scholar and specialist in Islamic aqeeda and theological sciences. Undertaking his religious studies at first in secret in Uzbekistan while it was part of the USSR, he has gone on to have an eclectic and comprehensive Islamic education all over the Muslim world. Already a scholar when he arrived in the Middle East, he studied in Damascus under such luminaries as Mhmd Adnan Darwish, graduating finally from Al Azhar but only after having studied both in Medina and the wider region, for example under Sh. Uthaymeen (and numerous others).

He is currently based in the Northwest of England where he is the founder of the Afiyah Institute.


4 thoughts on “Aqeeda

  1. Listen to this “mufti” trying to rationalize the belief that God has 2 right hands. He tries to compare it to our mind in relation to God’s mind, yet minds by definition don’t have form so the analogy utterly fails.

    This man worships a hideous anthropomorphic deity.

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry at this, so I invented a new emotion that combines the two craughing.

    • This was most sad: but it is also the truth about the horrendous aqeedah issues of these people.

      Perhaps I should put this as a main post, to educate the people?

      • No need; why give them front page cover ? By the way, the second guy is an ex-boxer thrown out of Australia linked with the Boston bomber kid.

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