Sex Segregation In Islam?

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Sheikh Atabek: Winning!

I organised this talk with some friends in London after reading the below. This heartbreaking post was in response to a brilliant article on that site by Australian speaker Abdullah Kunde (he’s another convert who has become a brilliant apologist for Islam) dealing with objections people had in his locality to girls playing Aussie rules football, even with hijaab. Sadly the story here seems all too familiar: people overdoing the whole segregation thing and then regretting it…for the rest of their lives.

Whoever wrote this, if you are out there, I hope you see our talk and get in touch.

When I was in school/college/uni, I also used to be one of these people who followed this kind of thinking, that there should be NO visibility of women and that there should be NO contact between men and women. I was head of the Islamic Society at a big uni, I enforced this kind of thinking (and it does come from where the others have indicated (Saudi/Salafi/Wahhabi)) and would bully others who disagreed. I never thought about the wisdom of the allowance and leeway in Islam for contact between the sexes (in fact, I mistakenly did not believe there was any such leeway). The things I was taught to fear the most were illicit contact between a man and a woman. I truly thought this was one of the worst things possible and no good could ever come of it. I never thought about the harm that could come from NOT having any contact between the sexes, like losing half your iman or all the other problems that are common to people of any religion or gender who cannot find a partner. I was only focused on the dangers of ‘mixing’.

When, with hindsight, unsurprisingly, I found myself alone and unmarried at a late age (close to forty), I looked at the evidence and found that I had been insisting on something that was unIslamic and that the absolute segregation and covering of faces and not allowing the hearing of a woman’s voice etc. had no basis in Islam. I had been told by the same people who taught me the former nonsense that the believers would get an Islamic ‘arranged’ marriage (there’s actually no such thing, in theory or practice).But by that time I had left university and was in the world of work and did not have access to Muslim girls anymore: it was easy to get access to the non – Muslims (but of course, I was socially retarded in that aspect also) but impossible to meet with any Muslim women. The haraam became possible (but difficult) and the Halal became impossible. The arranged Islamic marriage I was ‘saving’ myself for was nowhere to be found except with those girls, pardon me for saying, who clearly no – one wanted. All the rest had been picked off by more conventional means by those professing to abhor such advances.

So through my youth (now sadly waning) I followed an untrue ‘Puritan’ Islam (you know who they are) and when I realised my mistake, it was too late. I am saying this because I acted like the people Abdullah Kunde is writing against and I now regret it because I am alone and probably always will be since I missed the boat due to thinking I was being a good Muslim when I was really being an idiot.

Perhaps if I had people like Kunde around at that time to make me think a little more about what I was doing my life would now be happier.

I would advise people not to just do whatever is the ‘strictest’ thing that a ‘scholar’ tells you to do, merely because it is the ‘safest’ option: I can tell you from painful personal experience that it is not.

Look into things properly by yourself like Kunde did with Hanafi fiqh and find the truth before you go messing up your lives and others by doing things you think are part of Islam but are actually the inventions of deranged idiots from Saudi or India or wherever.”

In all seriousness, I have been looking into this ‘mixing’ thing for years now and this is the best talk I have EVER seen on the subject: the depth and rising above emotional arguments and false righteousness differentiates this.

I mean come on, when was the last time you saw a near five hour talk just on gender segregation? That should tell you something about those who are pronouncing on this in the Salafi and Deobandi (and other) community.

As they say: Act in haste, repent at leisure. Like that poor chap above.

The Spiel:

Gender Segregation in Islam:

When…and how much?

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Caught between permissive liberals and watchful puritans?
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  5. You mention, “This heartbreaking post was in response to a brilliant article on that site by Australian speaker Abdullah Kunde… ”
    Umm, what site? It’s never specified.

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