Muslim Olympians

The Olympic stadium in Stratford: It’s amazing more athletes were not stabbed. They probably outran the hoodies.

No, not inhabitants of Mount Olympus who happen to be Muslims as well as Pagan deities, but an article from the BBC about Muslims at the Olympics.

I was saddened when the brother from the rowing team  (yes, he’s white, no Asians can row for more than 18 seconds at a time without dying) made the point that he was sad to see so few Muslims representing the U.K. Mohammad Farah is an exception.

Who would have thought an (previously) illegal asylum seeker who happens to be a Muslim would be a poster boy for the nation?

It’s our own version of the American dream Goddamit! In your face Obama!

I don’t think he should have attended the GQ awards ceremony where Salman Rushdie received an award though. That was pretty stupid. Like, get some standards dude.

Oh, and as for the Saudi athletes worrying about fasting in the Olympics: My advice as a brother: Ramadhan or no Ramadhan, you ain’t gonna win anything, so don’t sweat it.


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