The Jews Of Banu Qurayza: Were All The Men Killed?

Sheikh Atabek Nasafi.One of the foremost scholars in England.

In my experience, this question is very poorly answered by Muslim apologists (with the exception of people like Shabir Ally). What makes this all the more unacceptable is that it is a complete straw man allegation against Islam. See for yourself.

The accusation that the tribe of Banu Qurayza received ‘collective punishment’ by having all it’s adult males killed, has been so oft – repeated that even Muslims have started to believe it.

But what is the proof that all the males, even non-combatants, were in fact killed?

As you will see, this is merely a fantasy of both Islamophobes and ignorant Muslims…

Part 1:

Part 2:

That’s what happens when you let dumb people with a political agenda run the Dawah…This guy is a traditionalist scholar, he doesn’t care one way or the other, and even HE doesn’t think they were all killed, so I don’t know what the hell Muslim ‘scholars’ in the English speaking world were smoking when they insist that they were…


12 thoughts on “The Jews Of Banu Qurayza: Were All The Men Killed?

  1. Could you please summarize just who was not killed? Unfortunately I cannot listen two hours to this kafir.

    When you say not everyone does this still mean that at least someone was killed? Wouldn’t this go against your religion since at least some people lost their heads? According to your religion chopping the head of someone is barbaric so how can you believe this even for not some people. According to Human Rights it is never allowed to kill a person as a punishment. So how can you live with this?

    • You sound like a troll(anti-muslim) posing as a Salafi. Are the Salafi Nour party in Egypt kafirs for siding with the military secularists to ban all religious parties?

      • There are many different groups of salafis. Egypitan salafis from the Nour party are a group belonging to the madkhali salafi group.
        And since when is supporting kufr kufr itself?

  2. ‘Salafi’: what are ‘Human Rights’ and who says no-on can ever be killed according to them? Don’t tell us what we believe and do not believe you ass clown!

  3. Does that mean you are supporting stoning to death, chopping off heads, flogging, cutting hands etc.? If you do then you are clearly violating Human Rights. And note: it does not matter how strict the conditions for such punishments are.

    • Where exactly does the declaration of Human Rights (which they never said they support) say there should not be the death penalty for anything? When did they deny any Islamic punishments including the death penalty? The first people to get it would be extremist whack jobs like you!

      And who are you, as an irrational evidence free takfiri uncouth heretic of the first order, to ask for evidence of anything, having provided none yourself?

      Now go and rape someone or blow something up or whatever you guys get off on these days. Don’t worry, ‘sky God’/Zeus or whoever it is that is ‘above the heavens’ that you guys worship will be fine with it!

  4. SalaFAIL: Your insults and takfirs were tolerated only due to my forgetting to block you. I have corrected this omission.

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