What Is The Status Of Reason & Intellect In Islam?

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Let’s face it – Muslims (and other people) are confused: Can I use my brain – isn’t Quran and hadith a substitute for thinking for oneself?

The fact of the matter is that even if you follow Islam ‘blindly’ it was YOU who independently, using your brain, thinking for yourself, decided to do that…

The brain…there’s no way out of using it, no matter how much you cry ‘Quran and Sunnah’ you are still using it…Or what is your proof for following the Quran IN THE FIRST PLACE!?!

Or will you say ‘I follow the Quran because…the Quran says so?’ What if a Christian makes the same argument about the Bible, will you say it is legitimate?

Islam and the Quran have lauded the intellect and reasoning, and demanded it’s practically unconditional use in matters of religion – and in the introduction to a new series of lectures, Sheikh Atabek Nasafi brilliantly explains how and why.

In short, if you are unwilling to use your brain it may be that even God won’t help you…

Sheikh Atabek Shukrov Nasafi is a noted scholar and specialist in Islamic aqeeda and theological sciences. Undertaking his religious studies at first in secret in Uzbekistan while it was part of the USSR, he has gone on to have an eclectic and comprehensive Islamic education all over the Muslim world.

Already a scholar when he arrived in the Middle East, he studied in Damascus under such luminaries as Mhmd Adnan Darwish, graduating finally from Al Azhar but only after having studied both in Medina and the wider region, for example under Sh. Uthaymeen (and numerous others).

He is currently based in the Northwest of England where he is the founder of the Avicenna Academy.



6 thoughts on “What Is The Status Of Reason & Intellect In Islam?

  1. The salafi influence really is spreading in Islam and downplaying reason/revelation. I had a bizarre conversation with some fellow Muslims at my university (I’m in Canada BTW) today. First of all they said people like Ibn Sina, Ibn Rush, Muatazilla were heretics who had beliefs outside of Islam, and praised Ibn Taymiyyah for “refuting them”. Then what’s even more bafflings is when I argued that God cannot have a body as it’s incoherent they said HE CAN have a body as God can do anything. I said this makes no sense as this means He could do contradictions such as making a stone which He cannot lift, they said “it doesn’t have to make sense and don’t try to apply your reason to God as you can’t understand HIM. This is why people like Ibn Sina went astray and they were like those in the Quran who tried to talk about God without any knowledge”. They said philosophy is manmade and therefore its ideas cannot apply to God which is why it is pointless to use it to talk about Him.Then they said we should only listen to what the Prophet (PBUH) said about God, and anything else such as trying to use philosophical ideas to understand him implies the Prophet(PBUH) didn’t complete the revelation as he didn’t explain said concepts. Wow. So Ibn Taymiyyah with his defense of the Satanic Verses, God swinging on a rope(they said he said God couldn’t) is a better Muslim over people like Ibn Sina, Ibn Rushd, etc.

    • I find it very interesting that you are talking about this topic as if there are only Salafis on the one side and the Muslim Aristotelian philosopher / Mutazilah on the other. There is also the Ashari and Maruridi view. By doing that you are supporting the plot that is destroying Islam. This is what I call the dualism of Salafism and liberalism (modernism because being a Mutazili/Aristotelian today means being a liberal Muslim). If someone wants to be a traditional non-liberal Muslim he will have to become a Salafi. If someone does not want to be a Salafi being a liberal Muslim is the only option according to the plotted narrative.

  2. Though I will admit there is a worry I have. It won’t stop me from speaking up but I do admit I am kind of afraid of being ostracized by them or Isolated for arguing against them on this point.

    • Why are you afraid of them? Are they providing you education, sex or money? I think not.

      Why do you want to be friends with losers and dumb people, many of whom will be a security threat and cock block you? Fear is based on loss – what is it that you fear losing by not being their friend? Shouldn’t you WANT them to ostracise you?

      If God can do ANYTHING, then he can split into 10,000 + like in Hinduism and become a man and die on the cross. So they don’t even believe what they say.

      My advice: ignore these people, read some books and find a girlfriend. Stop wasting your youth with bottom-feeding freaks – you will never get it back and then will regret it.

  3. Yeah, you’re right, I should cut my losses. I remember they said this gem to “defend” their position: God COULD do things such as have a body. What’s worse is that they said he could have a body OUTSIDE of time and space( “yeah but logic doesn’t apply to God, etc), but from the Quran and Hadith we know He won’t. What do you even say to something like this? I mean that the POSSIBILITY God can do contradictions is all it takes makes the notion of God completely incoherent. Even Dawkins recognizes this. Salafis have less logic than Dawkins.

    Also I was wondering if you’ve heard of Seekers Hub which is an Islamic organization based in Canada.

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